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Breathing and relaxation exercises
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Be our guest!

We invite you to touch or click on the webpage and hope that this will show you an easy and intuitive way to get access to the exercises and booklets, ether as a user or as a helper.

We want to respect your privacy and autonomy.


This webpage is well functioning even without cookies on your smart device.

When you prefer that the webpage remember which choices (language, exercise, layout) you made, you can allow us to store cookies on your smart device. To do this, check the box for: Remember my choices [x] by using cookies. Next time you go to this page, we put the page in the state when you left the page.

You can always remove the cookies. To do this, click on the button [Remove cookies].


The relaxation page uses JavaScript, a programming language, to give you the flexibility to change languages, exercises and layout easy.

If you doesn’t allow your browser to use JavaScript, you will be pointed to our webpages which doesn’t use JavaScript. You still can download or listen to every exercise. But this comes with less flexibility and no second language for a helper. (We give ICT-advanced users the possibility to control even more by the use of parameters. See here.)

Information we gather to manage this relaxation project

We want to keep track about which exercises are downloaded and in which language. We also want to collect which second languages are used by helpers. This gathering of information we do to know which exercises and languages are used more often so we can focus on this languages first when we try to improve or correct the website.

Counting how frequently the exercises are used will helps us to find sponsors and legitimate to the existing sponsors the costs we made.

We use the requests to the webserver to download media and to deliver content to your device as a mean for gathering this information. Once we have gathered the information we need for managing the service, as stated above, we will automatic remove the information that might identify you, such as IP-addresses.

Content Management System

There has been a content management system on this website to provide English, French, Dutch guidelines. This system was able, and did, register some users. At this moment this is broken and we haven't enough resources to fix it right now.